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You may have read the title, wondering if it stands for something. The answer is no, but I bet it caught your attention!!  Risk is everything. Without risk, are any of us living?

I knew in my gut my life’s path and where I would eventually move.  One day, inevitably.  I knew I had the ambition to one day make a move that would change my life forever.  It would take some calculated risk, but I would have no idea what my life would look like or an exact blueprint.  Do any of us hold a blueprint?  We try and plan, but it's about fitting those puzzle pieces together, one piece at a time.

After playing it too safe and running from my destiny for so long, I made myself a promise. Once I moved, I promised myself to live a life spelled “R-I-S-K.”  There is no other way! Life is too short to be stuck in a rut and running in circles. Seek out those passions, dreams, and what sets your heart on fire. It starts with one step!  What step will you consider taking today?  Take a step towards a dream and keep taking the next step!  It's amazing what happens when risks are taken.  You might feel fully alive for the first time, or you may experience a new level of coming alive!  You may discover buried ambitions and dreams you were meant to have but have pushed out of the way to follow a different path!  It’s never too late!  Take a step today!  That is my encouragement and challenge to you!

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