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Do you sometimes feel like the person in this picture is your life?  You try to balance it all, yet you struggle to find and maintain the necessary balance.  Whether work, home life, or travel pull at you, it all comes from one place: distractions.  Phones, tablets, and work, OH MY!  Ever find yourself saying, “There’s not enough time in the day.”?  Time is an illusion.  We have time; however, we also have our priorities and decisions. 

Experts have many suggestions for maintaining that balance, and I will share some things I’ve learned from mentors and podcasters in my life that I’ve seen make a difference.

1)       Setting intentional time in pencil and allowing for flexibility can bring significant benefits. It's not about being rigid but about taking control of your day. When you stick to a schedule, your mind tends to be more at ease, and it’s surprising how much unexpected time you can have in your days. Getting a larger weekly flip book and sitting down every Sunday to plan the week can benefit greatly. Find one that works for you.   There are multiple styles.


2)      Schedule in play.  Whether or not you have kids, mental and emotional health stay more balanced when you intentionally schedule your playtime.  That can be 5 min, that could be 1 hour.  If you punch a timecard for 10-12 hours a day, try this:  Prepare lunch to take the night before, and find something to do at lunch to fit in playtime, whether that looks like a walk or sketching for fun, sitting outside and reading for 5-10 minutes.  Do something to take your mind off the To-Dos long enough to balance and stabilize your mental and emotional health.


3)      Last but not least, if you work from home, set a timer.  Every job has multiple steps and/or multiple tasks.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed and distracted by the next task.  Set a timer for an allotted time slot to work on one step.  Tasks seldom get completed in one-time frame, so set a timer and stop.  Set a timer again for a 5 min “break room” session.  Grab water and take a lap around your kitchen.  Stretch for 1 minute and set a timer for the next task.  Stay intentional, and if you’re not using your phone for work, turn it on airplane mode and set it out of site.  Check your phone at lunch and after work.  Balance in this way can help you be more productive and have a better sense of accomplishment.  Often, you may find you accomplish more than expected.


Remember to check in with yourself and see how you are doing.  Is your life balanced?  Or are you on a tightrope?  Check-in and see where you may benefit from small changes.  1% change consistently is 365% change by the end of one full year!  Make one shift, then add.  0-100 never happens unless you’re driving a race car.  Keep balance in your life, and you’ll thank me later!

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