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Lizzy-Ann  is the heart, soul and fire of Relentless Faith.  She is living proof that your past never needs to define you and you can find a fire within to never stop believing in yourself and others.  


From a young age, Lizzy-Ann began living with extreme pain in her body she had to learn to live with through different means.  Many people, including different leaders, mentors and friends, did not believe her when she shared her limitations because they were not obvious to the naked eye. 

She was told more than once that she was not very smart and would likely never make anything of her life.  She struggled with these words and believed them for herself for many years.

It wasn't until the right people and circumstances came into Lizzy-Ann's life that things would gradually change.  She found the courage to rise above her circumstances, started believing in herself with a relentless faith to persevere no matter what happened.  


Many are shocked when they learn that Lizzy-Ann went on to become a published author, earn a certification and a degree in different feilds and impact thousands of lives and live an independent life against many odds stacked against her physically.  

Lizzy-Ann's disarming nature and vulnerability enables her to connect with people of all walks of life.  It makes it easy for people to accept her challenge to find an inner strength to overcome odds and rise above it all with a fire in themeleves to persevere no matter what they may face.

Lizzy-Ann is dedicated to seeing lives impacted everywehre she goes.  Mmore recently shes done more work online and through zoom calls.  She continues to see transformation as she equips people through coaching: and inspires people through her unique mentoring style.  



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