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It’s said that the average person thinks negative thoughts far more than positive thoughts, and we hold approximately 12k-50k thoughts daily.  How does that impact our lives if we spend most of our time thinking negatively?

A couple of decades ago, I was one of the most negative people on the planet and very possibly the single most negative person.  It brought down those closer to me and nearly ended a friendship I cherished deeply.  For me, I was given an ultimatum.  Find something to be grateful for, think about something positive, or say goodbye to a friendship.  It was to a point where I was no longer permitted to contact that friend unless I could say something positive.  I was in such a bad place; it took me a couple of weeks, and honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would ever arrive.  Today, I am so glad I found something positive because that positivity saved me in so many ways.  Today, a few think I am too positive in my thoughts and attitude!!!  Because I was able to dig deep, that friend became family to me, and we’re going on 24 years and coming up on 25 years. 

I have found, however, that you don’t need an ultimatum of friendship to change your negative outlook.  Give yourself ultimatums if that is what it takes.  Go on a strike for yourself of not contacting anyone unless you think of 10 positive things.  Watch less news and listen to comedy.  Laughter is the best medicine for the body and mind.  I have found that even when I haven’t felt like physically laughing, just listening to comedy will brighten my outlook and lift my spirits when I have moments like we all do.  You can come out of negativity and start new pathways of positivity in your brain, and it will change your life.  I guarantee it.  It's changed mine, and I’ve seen it change so many others. 

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