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Just as encouraging those in the spotlight is imperative, it is also important to stop for the one on the street corner and everyone we encounter. I had a mentor who taught me the importance of knowing purpose. If we awoke today, we still have a purpose. So many try and reconcile what their purpose is as if to say we must have some grand bigger purpose, and we embark on a life-long quest to find this great purpose. What if that person we keep meaning to call is our purpose? What if we walk across the street and offer a fall treat to our neighbor, say hello, provide an encouraging word, and share the light of our faith? There is meaning and purpose in many things we can do and speak.

Early summer had arrived, and it was 2020. The world shut down, though we were again allowed to shop at essential places. Masks were required, and people were posted outside the shops to enforce mask-wearing. Like most others were doing, I was in my own headspace, thinking about the stress of the virus and what I needed to gather at the store. Everyone was in a hurry, annoyed and frustrated with the rules and people at the doors enforcing them. Nearing the entrance, I heard God speak, “Stop for the one.” I circled back and approached the mask-enforcing guard sitting outside while staying back. I came just close enough to be heard for a few seconds as I shared,

“I realize your job is a thankless and difficult one, and I want you to know I see you. You are doing an amazing job! Thank you for what you are doing, in helping to keep others safe.”

Immediately that person's demeanor changed, and they thanked me for sharing. Before I entered, I watched as their energy, patience, and kindness towards the next person entering had increased. One moment and a few words of encouragement changed the trajectory of that day for the worker I had approached and the people shopping. Time is an illusion; we all have time and choose where our time is spent. May we all give our time to God, see others, and stop for the one!

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