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It's human nature to want to figure out the pieces of our lives and the entirety of the picture. We make plans, create goals, and have ambitions for five and twenty years from now. Along the way, we experience bumps and unexpected turns and wonder how that fits into the picture we painted for our lives.

I like to say that life is like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.  We can’t see it all because we don’t know all things.  We plan, and things shift.  When we think we have found pieces that fit together, and we discover they fit somewhere else.  Eventually, in time, with persistence, we see a corner come into view. Relief and a sense of hope follow.  It can take a tenacity to stay around long enough and walk through the hardships to see hope and things start to come together.

How about you?  Where are you finding yourself?  Are you puzzled by life and wherever you may find yourself?  Maybe you're finding yourself in the mess of the puzzle and not sure where to start, or begin again? Find someone to stay in your corner with you and never give up on that dream, those goals or life itself.  There is hope and there is a purpose that only you can walk out in this world.  When you sometimes feel lost in the giant jigsaw puzzle of life, focus on finding the next piece, and before you know it, you’ll start to see a section come into view!

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