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Gratitude & Miracles

We all go through challenging times and hard situations in life. This is why so many want to give up, and far too many do give up on life. When hard times come it can be challenging to find things for which we are grateful. I once heard a pastor share that gratitude is the gateway to miracles. Being thankful for every breath, moment, and gift we have and thankful for all of who God is can open doors we could never have imagined. We thank God, a God of miracles, who can open doors no one can shut and provide above and beyond what we can imagine.

Thanks, in Webster's dictionary, is defined as an expression of gratitude. In my last post, I shared about a tradition with a friend of creating a thanks list and how that impacted my life. I am asking y’all to make your five list. Intentionally take a minute and create your five-list. Save it. Next week, I’m doing an early post in the spirit of Thanksgiving and sharing my list as my expression of gratitude, and I’ll ask you to share yours in the comments. Please join in next week!

Praise God for His astonishing gift which is far too great for words!

- 2 Cor. 9:15 (tpt)

Keep on giving your thanks to God, for he is so good!

His constant, tender love lasts forever!”

– Psalm 118:1 (tpt)

Sing out with songs of thanksgiving to the Lord! Let’s sing our praises

with melodies overflowing!”

– Psalm 147:7 (tpt)

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