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Many spend a lifetime on a journey searching for purpose. We take a year off from school, or study abroad. We go on camping trips, to get away from it all, or escape to our favorite cabin. Even as believers, it can be easy to look for our purpose in this life. "Surely God has me here for a reason?" I have taken comfort in knowing I do not have to know every purpose or the blueprint for every purpose. When I moved to Tennessee, I had no blueprint. I was responding to a clear calling in my life. I only knew that I had settled in my heart that Tennessee was my plan B, and it was time. I only planned my first steps, and God had to make the way and provide as He does.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us, “For I know the plans….” While we can seek Him in our daily lives for the next steps and what He wants of us daily or sometimes weekly, it is vital to remember we do not need to have the blueprint to step out in faith and follow Him! Notice how it says “I.” For God knows the plans he has to prosper, to bless, encourage our hearts, and to heal. It is not our responsibility to have it all figured out; we only need to say yes and take one step at a time, trusting He is guiding us and having grace for ourselves when we get it wrong.

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