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Recently, I have been reflecting on how we end prayers with “Amen.” What if instead of finishing a prayer with Amen, we started a prayer with Amen?

The Greek definition of the word AMEN=So be it.

In Hebrew, there are two similar words, “eman,” meaning “to confirm.”

and the word “haemeen” means “to trust.”

To say let it be, or so be it, we are saying, we confirm, we agree, we trust in You, God. Our relationship with God is two ways. He designed it this way. He wants to hear from us, even if He knew it all before, we came into this life. We know through The Bible and by faith that God knows all and understands everything. He knew, He knows, He sees before it happens, and yet He chooses to hear from us. He decides to have two-way fellowship with us, hear our hearts cry, and connect with us because He loves us. I wonder how it would be to start praying “Amen” first.

“Lord, let Your will be done.” = “Amen.” Being in line and agreeing with His perfect and good will for our lives first. Praying God, I want my spirit to align with Your spirit. We find this example in Matthew when the disciples asked, “How do we pray?” In the first lines, “Your kingdom come, your will be done….” It is the same as starting with Amen. Then, with thanksgiving, through faith, present our hearts and our petitions before Him. Believing in faith, what we seek after as we seek Him first will be given in Jesus’ name.

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