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My Story

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Imagine graduating High School with no sense of hope or a future because of everything that has come against you and lies spoken that you had come to believe as truth.  Imagine having faced pain, loss and a debilitating condition that almost lands you in a wheelchair at age 26. Imagine being at the lowest point in your life and believing you will not amount to anything, and hopelessness becomes your identity.  Meet Lizzy-Ann Ebersole (pronounce ee-ber-soul)

She has risen above incredible odds and has redefined who she is as a daughter of God, a thrive-r.  Today Lizzy-Ann is passionate about sharing God in practical ways and teaching others who they are and how to rise above it all.


She holds certifications in ministry and aromatherapy and loves to share how the two connect together. Lizzy-Ann thrives in the prophetic, but most of all she lives to re-present Jesus and love others well.


Relentless Faith

It is incredible how one small idea can grow into something truly special. Relentless Faith is rooted in the belief that ministry does not fit into any one box.  God calls and it is up the the individual to say yes, whatever it may show up as in life.. With a variety of projects and a vast knowledge and training in many areas, life is ever changing.

Since Relentless Faith's founding in 2018, I have been blown away to witness how my efforts mixed with God's power  have benefitted people and communities of Tenessee as well as people all over the world.  Want to take part? Contribute to our work by donating 

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